Main Street Museum

Our museum will be closed temporarily until we have the three storage units across the street in the dirt lot emptied.  If the museum door is open, you may drop in but be careful you might be put to work!

Questions or Comments?
Call 951/678-1537 or 951/245-8890...

Main Street

For your information, the City of Lake Elsinore will be resurfacing Main Street in the next few weeks.  Most of the work will be done at night in order that it does not disturb Main Street business owners and their customers.

Election of Officers

The Nominating Committee presented the following slate of nominees:

Secretary - Joyce Hohenadl
Second Vice President - Floyd Berger
President - Ruth Atkins

Since there were no other nominees for these positions, the above named will be your officers for these positions for the next two years.

Grand Avenue Museum

The Executive Committee has decided to close the Grand Avenue Museum during the month of March.  The return to the Main Street Museum is a huge job and we do not have enough docents to work at both Grand Avenue and setting up the displays at Main Street

Main Street Museum Update - 2/28/2014

At last the work is finally coming to completion.  The first floor of the Cultural Center will be completed and the first City Council meeting will be held in the refurbished chambers on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.

We anticipate the basement will be cleaned and the carpet laid the early part of March.  After that, we will be cleaning artifacts and setting up the displays which is a voluminous job.  We hope our April meeting can be held on April 1 -- remember what day that is -- so we wait and see if it comes to fruition!

Holiday Time
means it is time for us to remember those less fortunate than we are.  The Executive Committee is asking the LEHS members to bring canned food, nonperishable food, or cash to the November and December meetings.

The food will be shared with HOPE (Help Our People of Elsinore) and the YES (Youth, Education and Service) Center.  The YES Center is also known as Fishes & Loaves.

Please be generous with your donations.  Thank you!


"My Life, My Family, My Home, My Elsinore"
is the new book in town written by
Fred Dominguez
Lake Elsinore resident, businessman, and owner of Elsinore Barber and Beauty Shop on Main Street.
If you get a chance to read Fred's book, it is very enjoyable and tells about Lake Elsinore's history during his 54 years in town!

P.S. Fred's story is written as told to Jeanie Corral

Jesse Strong

a lifetime member of LEHS passed away on August 29, 2013. She was an active member of the Society when it was organized in 1996.
Our sympathy to her family.

"High Country" Issues For Sale!

Lake Elsinore Historical Society has received a donation of issues of "High Country" from Tom Hudson's family.  These publications were printed beginning in the 1960's and have many wonderful stories for your enjoyment.
The authors include Tom Hudson, Sam Hicks, Al Newhart, Erie Stanley Gardner and many others.
The covers have paintings by Ralph Love who lived and painted in Lake Elsinore before moving to Temecula and continuing his painting in "The Shack".
The issues are new issues and are collectors' items!
Stop by the Grand Avenue Museum and view the covers of the available copies!

The Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce named
Jerry Harmatz
as the Citizen of the Year
at their January 26 Installation Dinner!

An 'old and tall' rose

(Each week The Californian prints "Roses and Raspberries" in one of their issues.
The article below appeared in the November 20, 2012 issue.)

A rose goes to the folks who raised private funds and worked collaboratively with the property owner to preserve Lake Elsinore's Tank House, an unusual building that is as tall as is is long and believed to date from the 1880's.  It was used to house equipment that pumped mineral water to locals spas from hot springs that once made the city famous.  When the owner wanted to demolish the building, members of the Lake Elsinore Historical Society, the Luiseno Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and others raised money and moved the building onto land donated for the purpose by the City.  Slapping a historical designation on a property can be a nightmare for the owner but this community made the process work like a dream.

Grand Avenue Museum
(Temporary Location of our Main Street Museum)

15891 Grand Avenue, Suite #1
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Telephone: (951) 579-4952

The new location is in the shopping center at the signal on Grand Avenue at Ortega Highway and there is plenty of parking.
The museum faces Grand Avenue.
This location is almost directly across the street from the Elsinore Naval & Military School

Museum Hours

Wednesdays and Saturdays - 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Sundays - 1:00PM to 4:00PM

(Helping Our People of Elsinore)

HOPE was started in the early 1990's by a group of churches in the area and manned by volunteers as it is today.
In the beginning, the pastor of each church would take turns heading up the organization.  Ron Hewison was the first non-pastor Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  He has managed the organization and it has grown through his leadership.

Types of food you are requested to donate:
Beans, Beef Stew, Chili, Pasta, Peanut Butter, Rice, Spaghetti, Spaghetti Sauce, Tuna

If you have fruit trees, donations of fruit are appreciated.  HOPE does not need cans of vegetables and they can always use cash donations.

Santa Fe Depot

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors, at their meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, voted to approve the Santa Fe Depot, now the home of the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce, as an historical landmark.  The train station was built in 1896 by the California Southern Railway Company.  The station was used by passengers and for freight shipments of farm products in its heyday.  The Riverside County Historical Commission, chaired by Joyce Hohenadl, recommended the designation in November

1925 American LaFrance Fire Engine

The first fire engine owned by the City of Lake Elsinore had a broken clutch and it has been repaired by the City of Lake Elsinore's Maintenance Crew.  It was restored by the Lake Elsinore Historical Society and a committee chaired by LEHS Member Russ Burns.  We are delighted it was in the Put Unity in the Community Parade held on November 21, 2009 and was one of the parade's highlights.  Elsinore No. 1 is a beauty and we are very proud to have this treasure to show off to the community!  Presently, Elsinore No.1 resides at Fire Station #85 at McVicker Park

Historic Downtown Lake Elsinore Next Exit

California State Historic Brown Signs have been installed by the City of Lake Elsinore.  The signs were erected recently on Interstate 15 at the northbound and southbound exits to Main Street with arrows pointing to the City's nostalgic downtown district

Museum Hours

Grand Avenue Museum

Wednesdays and Saturdays - 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Sundays - 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Telephone: (951) 579-4852

If a group wishes to tour the Museum, please leave a message at (951) 678-1537